About Me

Originally from Brazil, Brunno started his partner dancing journey in 2001. In 2005, he dedicated his studies in Brazilian Latin Dances including Brazilian Zouk, Forró, and Samba de Gafieira to become a professional instructor. Brunno started his career as an instructor, choreographer, coach, and performer in partner dances in 2006.

In 2011, Brunno expanded his dance repertoire and started training West Coast Swing. In 2014, he moved from Londrina, Brazil to Southern California where he played an integral role in establishing the San Diego Brazilian Zouk dance scene and also became a part of the West Coast Swing community. He has traveled across the U.S. teaching Brazilian Zouk as well as teaching and competing in West Coast Swing.

Brunno has and continues to train with world renowned instructors of Brazilian Zouk and West Coast Swing including Kadu and Larissa, William Teixeira, Renata Peçanha, Alex de Carvalho, Jaime Arôxa, Jordan and Tatiana, Maxence Martin, Michael Kiehm and Robert Royston. Brunno is recognized for his high quality instruction, connection, and unique style. He emphasizes the importance of fundamental technique and social dance ability to create well rounded dancers. Through the Global Professional Dance Instructor Association (GPDIA), Brunno has been a Certified Instructor for West Coast Swing, by Michael Kiehm, since 2014 and a Certified Brazilian Zouk Master Instructor since 2015.

Brunno is currently living in San Diego where he is an instructor, coach, choreographer, and performer with over 13 years of experience in partner dances, specialized in Brazilian Zouk and West Coast Swing.

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