Grounded: Brazilian Zouk 4-Week Progressive Series & Social (Level 1A)

Happy Holidays!
How exciting that we will soon be in 2023!!!
And that means, whether you like it or not, some part of you will want you to make a major change in your life for the better.
If you are searching for a real game changer, learning to dance is probably one of the best resolutions you could choose!

Learning how to dance can help fulfill many practical needs, including increasing Confidence, Coordination, Creativity & becoming a part of a Community! Especially when you commit to a program that lasts several weeks, all four of these needs have the potential to become realized very quickly!

Why Learn Brazilian Zouk?
1) Zouk is a partner dance that feels otherworldly. It feels similar to how I imagine it would be to be a bird playing with the wind, swirling, diving and swooping gracefully with the momentum of each gust.

2) Brazilian Zouk is great for dancers who love a challenge! The movements in zouk are big and flowing and often take more time at the beginning of the journey to smoothly transition from one to the next. But once you do, it feels like flying!

3) Zouk is amazing for those who want to bring more connection and/or sensual movement technique to dance styles they already do! (like Bachata for example!)

4) The music is extremely diverse, this dance has evolved to where almost anything with a 4/4 time signature within a bpm (beats per minute) range of 60-90/120-180 could be considered “zoukable”. So, often you may find you will be dancing one song zouk, another lyrical, another hip-hop, another gangsta rap, another kizomba, and you may even come across some musical theatre or classical!

What else can I say? Brazilian Zouk is a Power House!
So, come join us for our first 4-week progressive series starting on January 9th with the talented Brunno Theodoro and Yana Tr and see how the power of dance can change your life completely!


What we will cover in our Level 1A Course:
• Music: How to recognize the zouk rhythm. How to count the music. How to tell if a song is “zoukable”. How to adjust movement to compliment a song’s energy level & texture.
• Proper Posture, Engagement, Frame & Partner Holds.
• Connection Techniques (Physical & Non-Physical)
• Basics Steps: Basic, Viradinha, Lateral, Simple Turn, Yo-yo, Elastico, & Soltinho
• Key Concepts: Weight Transfer, Changing Direction, Dance Lines & Changing the Line of Dance, Body Movement, Compression, Give & Take, and more.
• Follower’s Technique, Styling, & Expression!


This Series Includes:
• 1 Hour of Instruction per week followed by 2 Hours of Social Dancing to put those moves to practice!
• 30-minute window after class to ask instructors questions
• Resources PDF sent via email with Practice Playlists, Dance Etiquette, Shoe Vendors, List of Movements & Concepts, & more
• Access to Facebook Group where you can co-ordinate practice with other students and access resource links.
• $5 Discount on all other SFD Classes & Events
• Discount on our Urban Kiz Progressive with Maddelleine Grae! Only $50 more! Details here:


Meeting Days & Times
Mondays, January 9th-30th 8:30-11:30pm
8:30pm Class
9:30pm-10:30pm Social (8:30-9:00pm Question Window)

$80 Full 4-Week Series ($130 if including Urban Kiz Progressive)
$25 Drop-In (no access to discounts or fb group)
$10 Social Only

Want to check us out before you buy?
Join us for our opening night of Grounded Mondays on January 2nd where we will be hosting our classes and socials for free!!!
View event here:
(Please note, Brunno & Yana will be out of town this night, so Maddelleine Grae will be teaching on January 2nd!)

Until the end of the year, get this progressive course for $60!
OR! Get Both Progressives for $80!
View discussion for details and restrictions!

Ready to sign up?
Please venmo @SwitchFusionDance and put in the description your email and the event/class/series title and date you will be starting!

Looking for more discounts?
PM Switch Fusion Dance to send you our package deals flyer OR register as a volunteer and gain credit to use for your classes!
Register as a volunteer here:

We are so excited to bring you into the world of Brazilian Zouk!
See you on the dancefloor!

📍 Limitless Dance Complex
1735 Garnet Ave. San Diego 92109

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